Announcing... Imagineerz for a Day!

Build your "i-can" mindset one day at a time.

Next Days... Check back soon for September dates!

What is Imagineerz for a Day?

Can you practice design thinking, performance skills, and collaborative play all in a day?  At Imagineerz for a Day you can!

Grab a ticket for all the “i-can” mindset building play, making, and performing of our 5-star rated week-long camp, just in a day-sized package!

Imagineerz for a Day is open to entering 1st-4th graders only, and we run them periodically throughout the year.

What will my child do at Imagineerz for a Day?

They will…

  • Collaborate to stage an “i-can” story…. In 45 minutes!
  • Work with their fellow campers to take on their counselors during outdoor play.
  • Flex their Design Thinking skills on a design project.
  • Have fun! (It is summer after all!)


Get tickets here to get in on the fun!  Or, check out our Activities Page to get a little more details.

I'm in! What are the details for the upcoming days?

Check back for details about our September dates soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

How much:
Coming soon!