Welcome to our LIT program!

Working with children is one of the best ways to learn and practice leadership. Why? Because they’re pretty honest about what they like and how they feel. You’ll get very clear feedback about how well you are interacting with them. Also, you get to play with them inside and outside the classroom.

What you do

Your main role at camp is culture keeper–you embody the mindset that everyone at camp is a genius creator and interact with each based on that expectation. You also play and bond with the campers and collaborate with counselors to make camp an epic experience.

What you learn

In addition to leadership skills you’ll learn the Stanford Design Thinking Process, an effective problem solving approach, as well as the Imagineerz Philosophy, an approach to reaching goals effectively.

Grow your skills

As an LIT, you’ll help counselors and campers. There is room for you to decide how you want to grow your leadership skills. Like being in front of a group? Focus on public speaking, teaching, and entertaining. Prefer to work more individually? Work on coaching campers through obstacles and celebrating i-can moments.