The Flying Warriors Adventure

The performing. The i-Can! Team snagged a spot in the Enchanted Forest’s Fly Ball championship! Will they be able to master hover shoes AND teamwork, or will the Troll Troopers win the big game? You’ll find out during the Friday performance complete with acting, sets, costumes, and dance – all camper made!

The making. How many basketball shots can you make? You’ll build a life-sized Fly Ball court, and try your hand at launchers.  From collaborating to make a court fit for Warriors to harnessing the power of potential energy, our maker space will be filled with amusement galore and a healthy dose of challenge.

The playing. What do marshmallows and a hot chocolate river have in common?  Join us this week to find out during Outdoor Fun where your counselors are waiting to challenge you all week.  How many water buckets will you earn to drench your counselors on Friday?