Let’s create an Amusement Park!

The Making: Using the Stanford Design Thinking process, children will tackle simple machines based Maker Space challenges to make their own amusement park. Using ramps, pulleys, and levers, they’ll learn how to make “Tower of Terror” style drop rides, roller coasters, catapults, and more! Using the Imagineerz “i-Can!” tools, children will be encouraged to embrace failure as a step towards success, and overcome roadblocks with their creativity, confidence and perseverance!

The Playing: Wanna work with other campers to get enough points to dunk the counselors? That’s right – a whole bucket of water will be dumped on each counselor’s head on Friday if you get enough points! Earn them by playing super fun and challenging games all week that will have you jumping, giggling, squealing, and excited all day for camp!!