Imagineerz Online

Drained from Online School?

Experience the magic of Imagineerz Online where

Making meets Mindset

Our Goal

is to help children develop a Growth Mindset as they engage in Makerspace challenges using Design Thinking

Engaging with Lots of Movement

Campers play lots of active and fun games!!

You’ll see your children jumping, giggling, squealing, and excited all day for camp!!

Fosters Close Connections

Staff to camper ratio is no more than 1:8,

so campers can connect with staff as well as other kids their age.

Spirited & Enthusiastic Counselors

Our online staff will bring the same Imagineerz energy, spirit and enthusiasm….

….that you are used to with regular camp!

Minimal Parent Help

You can focus on work as your help will not be needed during camp

(as long as children have the motor skills to work with the materials (e.g. cereal boxes, tape, scissors, etc.))

Parent Testimonials

Choose your Price!

The suggested price of an online session is $275 per session.

Depending on your financial ability, you can choose to use one of the following coupon codes! 

Use code online25 ($25 off tuition) or code online50 ($50 off tuition)

NOTE: Coupon codes only apply to online sessions. Please do not apply to physical camp sessions (Los Altos or Cupertino)


Build a Superhero Metropolis

Superheroes need our help?? That’s right! They need a place they can all live in peace and fight bad guys. The only problem is, the villains are attacking the city! Help the heroes make the coolest, strongest, city ever that can stand up to The Underminer!!

Let’s create an Amusement Park!

Jump into your time machine and travel back in time to meet some of the world’s most famous inventors as they explain the simple machines that they invented! Watch out, they can be kinda grumpy, and super weird! Can you take their inventions and make modern-day amusement park rides out of them?!

The Stellar Puppet Show!

“The stars are the limit!” little Annie exclaimed with bright eyes, as she thought about her future dream. But little does she know that she will lose her hearing from scarlet fever! Will she reach her dreams of going to college and studying the stars? Will she become an astronomer some day as she had hoped? Join us this to find out how Annie reaches for the stars!

Wanna Build a Fort?

What do sheets, pillows, blankets, and chairs have in common?? They can all be used to make an AWESOME fort (Complete with secret entrances!). Join us as we spend the week making our dream forts and playing fun, silly games. Can you win enough points to dunk the counselors on Friday?

Spots are limited. Click the link below to register now!

Questions? email us at

or reach us by phone at 650-308-9592.