Camp Activities

Make - Creativity Studio

Imagine a space full of ideas, fun materials and limitless possibilities – a place where creativity is celebrated and failure is embraced as a step towards success. That is our Creativity Studio where children work with a variety of simple materials to create and invent EPIC solutions to design and building challenges.

Whether they are collaborating to create an 8-ft. rocket ship using cardboard and egg cartons or figuring out how to create a launcher – children are engaged in highly creative and challenging pursuits… Read more.

Perform - StoryLab

The i-can club (I dora, C aleb, A uro and N ano) has found the secret forest. However, there is a river and the gold coins they are looking for are on the other side. Nano attempts to draw a bridge with his magic crayons. But it keeps falling apart! What can Nano and the rest of the i-can club do to create the bridge successfully? In our Story Lab, campers get to come up with ideas about how the story may proceed… Read more.

Play - Outdoor Fun

Soaking the counselors during Water Bonanza. Cheering the opposing team for a game well-played. Laying on the ground and looking up at the sky. Those are the kind of things you will see at Camp Imagineerz during Outdoor Fun… Read more.

Reflect - ImagiGO Time

Relaxation and reflection, summer camp style – that is what ImagiGO time at Imagineerz is about. Through songs, stories, and skits campers get to experience examples of the Imagineerz philosophy beyond camp… Read more.

The Daily Schedule