Camp Fees

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Onsite Camp Price


(+ $145/wk COVID-19
safety surcharge)

(+ $145/wk COVID-19 safety surcharge)

(+ $145/wk COVID-19 safety surcharge)
Online Camp Price
Suggested: $275/session

For online camp discount, click here.
Suggested: $275/session

For online camp discount, click here.
Suggested: $275/session

For online camp discount, click here.

Why do we charge what we do?

  • Small Camp: We limit our enrollments to ensure that we know every child individually. We do not enroll 100s of kids as some of the other larger camps in the area. 

  • Research based Program designed by Stanford Educators: Our core team consists of educators from Stanford who have spent years developing a program based on research in developmental psychology and neuroscience!! We are the only program in the Bay Area that combines:

    1. STEAM

    2. Growth Mindset

    3. Stanford Design Thinking

    Children have SO much fun while developing and practicing the skills they are going to need to succeed in the 21st century!!  Don’t take our word for it - check out what other parents say about us.

  • Exceptional Staff: As you will read in our reviews, we only hire counselors who bring an unmatched level of positive energy to camp and make strong personal connections with every child!! What does this look like? At lunch our counselors sit with campers and bond over personal stories, jokes, and riddles. At most other camps, you will see counselors sitting at an adult table while children eat lunch separately.

  • Free Parent Training: We provide a strong foundation at camp that can be effectively reinforced at home. Hence, we provide a workshop to equip parents with concrete tools, language, and research you can use right away to help your child continue to develop:

    • Creative Problem Solving

    • Confidence and

    • Perseverance.

Discounts, Refunds, and Scholarships

Referral Discounts

Camp is even more fun with friends. And we would love to thank you for bringing your friends to the Imagineerz family!

So, once you register, we will send you a $25 discount code in the confirmation email. For each friend that registers and lists you as the reference in their registration, you will both get $25 off.

And guess what? If you bring 10 or more campers into the Imagineerz family, you will receive one free week of camp!!

*FULL Refund of Camp Fees until June 1st!

We know it is hard to commit to plans early. But you don’t want to miss a spot either. So, we made it easy: Reserve your spot now – if your plans change, you’ll receive a full refund on camp fees when you cancel through June 1st!!

We will also be happy to move your registration to a different week or location.

If you need to change your registration or ask for a refund, just reach out to us at

*COVID-19 Update: We have extended our refund policy to seven days prior to the first week of Camp Imagineerz that you have signed up for.

Can’t Afford Full Price?

We know that summer camp can get expensive. However, Camp Imagineerz can be life-changing and we want to make it accessible to all.

If you would love to have your child build an “i-can” mindset, but are only able to pay part of the fees, please write to us here. We have some scholarships we would love to be used.