Besides a load of dreams, what do I pack?

A towel, sunscreen and change of clothes. And most importantly, fuel. We mean, food.

1. Lunch

2. Morning Snack

3. Afternoon Snack (For children staying for extended care)

Yes, we are nuts, but nut-free.

Imagineerz is a nut-free camp. We are committed to ensuring that our campers with food allergies are safe, healthy, and included.


Please join us in this effort by ensuring that food brought from home does not contain any traces of peanuts or tree nuts.

Is any food provided at camp?

  • Every Friday is our i-scream social. Children enjoy ice cream after their performance every Friday!
  • It’s summer and it’s hot! We provide our campers with an icy treat Mondays-Thursdays to cool down and relax.
  • We do not provide lunch.  Please send a lunch, snack, and a separate afternoon snack for Extended Care campers.