How it Works

We use a
Blended Curriculum

For each lesson, we provide teachers two Instructional Videos:


  • Teachers play the videos we provide to open and close the lesson. Since they are plug and play, this leaves no prep needed for teachers. 


  • Once students start building, the teacher facilitates the building, maintaining the hands-on, engaging element of the program!


Class Schedule

Show Video #1 (10min) – This video introduces new concepts, and presents the building challenge to students. 


Makerspace Building (1hr) – Teacher ensures students are building and working on their challenge. Provides encouragement and an i-Can! attitude. 


Show Video #2 (10 min) –  This video helps students to reflect on the concepts learned and includes a guided activity to close the lesson. 


You can choose to implement the program in any classroom/grade level at your school.

To learn more, please reach out to our Founder Vaibhavi at or by phone at 650-318-5002.