Things to know about Imagineerz@School

What will my child do in class?

We have a two fold goal at Imagineerz:

  1. Help children explore STEM concepts
  2. Help children learn an i-Can! mindset

Every class, children will be given an engineering challenge. Using the Stanford Design Thinking process and recycled materials, children will build creative solutions to these challenges. In the process, children learn to embrace failure and overcome it with creativity, confidence and perseverance. Or as we say at Imagineerz: i-imagine, i-can, i-do!

What projects will my child bring home?

At Imagineerz, our focus is on helping children learn the process of defining their goal and figuring out how to break a larger goal into manageable steps. We do not provide step-by-step instructions for the challenges. Hence, your child may often not come home with a beautifully finished product.

But what they do bring home is a proud creation that they got to by patiently finding their own solutions to problems. We urge you to trust and praise the process!  A beautiful product is not the point. The point is engaging in the process of problem solving and overcoming challenges.

What STEM concepts will my child learn?

Each module focuses on a different set of STEM concepts including…

  • Simple Machines (Module: Build an Amusement Park)
  • Space (Module: Get an Astronaut to Mars)
  • Architecture (Module: Create a Superhero Metropolis)

For detailed descriptions check out the Module Descriptions page.

What questions can I ask my child?

Every other week you will receive an email with information about the challenge and the problem-solving concept they will learn. It will also include questions to ask. If your child responds with “I don’t know,” use the information in the email to make your questions more specific.

Want to help extend the learning even further? Try these techniques:

  1. Acknowledge when you see your child using problem-solving skills at home.
    1. Sample Sentence: “I noticed you just had a problem with <INSERT CHALLENGE>.  I loved that you tried out a couple of solutions <INSERT SPECIFICS YOUR CHILD TRIED>.  Which solution do you think worked the best?”
  2. Be a role model – Tell stories from your day when you experienced a problem and were able to try solutions until you found one that worked.  What if you haven’t figured it out yet? Get your child to ideate possible solutions with you.
  3. Use the Imagineerz songs and chants – Songs and chants are sticky, and can be a fun reminder to stay on the problem solving path.  
    1. The Imagineerz Song
    2. The i-Can! Chant