Our goal is to help children become positive and confident makers.

Bay Area summer camp building "i-can" attitudes

The IMAGINEERZ MOTTO: "i-imagine, i-can, i-do"

At Camp Imagineerz, summers are truly epic. A whole lot of crazy fun. Friendships that last beyond summer. And above all, the building of "i-can" attitudes. How is that done?

1.Learning the power of ‘i-can’:

We use fascinating, inspirational stories to help children discover the power of staying positive while persisting through failures."It took Edison 10,000+ attempts to make his light bulb work"

2.Developing an ‘i-can’ toolbox:

We help children build a toolbox of problem-solving strategies that they can use to identify and navigate 'Stop Signs' in their path."It's too hard. But I will focus on just the next baby step"

3.Experiencing ‘i-can’ moments:

Children thrive in the strong positive culture at camp. Counselors are trained to encourage children into breakthrough "I can" moments."I thought I can't do this. But woohoo, I can and I did!"

Camp Imagineerz is ideal for children living in the Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and Cupertino neighborhoods.
Meet the ‘i-can’ characters

Rollover each i-can character to learn more about their friendship, strengths and quirks.

Perfectionist, impatient, leader, strong-willed, loves horses and passionate about gymnastics. Secretly avoids trying new things because of the fear of failing.
Kind, supportive, peaceful, loves animals, excellent at fencing. Sometimes her laziness comes in the way of what she wants.
Caring, strong, impulsive, reliable friend, an excellent cook, fiercely protective of friends. Tries hard to keep his temper in check.
Shy, artistic, sensitive, empathetic, loves climbing trees and traveling. Wishes he has the courage to speak up!