Why Imagineerz?


Our mission is rooted in research:

Walter D. Wintle once said: “Life’s battles don’t always go to the faster or the stronger man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!!”.

Stanford professor Dr. Carol Dweck’s research found that children who believe they can increase their intelligence do better at school. At Imagineerz, our core mission is to help children develop such an “i-can” mindset!

We leverage the power of storytelling:

Positive attitude is not a one-flip switch to turn on. It has to be a way of living, the way we think, talk, and behave.

At Imagineerz, we write original “i-can” stories to drive home that point. And our campers take these stories and their takeaways home with them, to last well beyond the summer.


We spin the concept of ‘success’ on its head:

We teach children child-friendly strategies that make the concept of overcoming an obstacle less daunting.

Our consistent use of phrases such as “Stop Sign” and “ImagiGOs” helps kids identify what is pulling them behind and how to overcome it – whether they are struggling with their cardboard creations or their role in the play.

We are very “hands-on” about our “hands-off” policy:

When the instructions are away, children will…get creative. Our environment is carefully designed to allow space for creativity and problem-solving.

We do not give our campers specific tools and instructions on what they should build. We give them access to a wide range of materials, and let each camper decide what they want to build and how.


Parents discover language that works:

Parents discover language that works – How do we know? They said so! “I find myself asking my kid every now and then ‘looks like you are stuck, what is your next baby step?’ and it actually works!” – an Imagineerz parent.

Parents of past campers have loved the strategies, phrases and concepts their kids learn. Because it gives them the language needed to communicate with their children about goals, failures, approach and attitude.

Check out our Parent Lab!

Our counselors love to, well, counsel:

“Would this counselor be a positive role model for my own child?” It’s the magic question that decides if a counselor is hired. Our counselors take the time to sit down, to listen, to talk, to really build relationships.

Recruiting is the activity we spend the most time on before summer begins. We hire for the right positive attitude and look for counselors who are truly supportive, energetic and a barrel of hoot-filled fun.