An fun elementary school program


STEM meets Mindset

Our Goal

is to help all children develop a Growth Mindset through design/maker challenges in elementary school

Our Methodology

1) We provide children with a Makerspace and STEM challenges

2) We teach children the Stanford Design Thinking process to develop creative solutions

3) We help children use Growth Mindset tools to persevere through obstacles.

Program at a Glance

HOW * STEM/ Design Challenges
* Stanford Design Thinking Process
* Imagineerz i-Can! Tools
WHAT* STEM meets Mindset Program (10 modules)
* 2 modules per grade
* Each Module = 10 lessons of 75 minutes each
Grade 11. Architecture
2. Simple Machines
* Growth Mindset
* Perseverance
*Problem Solving
Grade 23. Space
4. Movie Magic
Grade 35. Motion
6. TBD
Grade 4 7. Rube Goldberg Class Project
8. Design a School Class Project
* +Collaboration
* +Mindfulness
Grade 5 9. Capstone Individual Project
10. Capstone Team Project

How does it work?

Our program uses a Blended Curriculum. For each lesson, we provide teachers two instructional videos:

  • Teachers use the videos we provide to open and close the lesson. these videos are plug and play  and introduce the lesson and challenges to students – leaving no prep needed for teachers.
  • Once students start building, the teacher facilitates the building maintaining the hands-on, engaging element of the program!

Class would look a little like this…

  • Show Video #1 (10 min) – This video introduces new concepts, and presents the building challenge to students.
  • Makerspace Building (1 hr) – Teacher ensures students are building and working on their building challenge. Provides encouragement and an i-Can! attitude.
  • Show Video #2 (10 min)- This video helps students to reflect on the concepts learned and includes a guided activity to close the lesson.

Empowering Teachers

Imagineerz In-School provides teachers with a unique opportunity to gain Professional Development in the classroom without having to leave their kids!

By participating in the Imagineerz training and lessons, teachers will gain new knowledge in SEL, STEM, Growth Mindset and the neuroscience behind it, all while engaging in fun activities with their students.

Teachers who participate are able to learn just as much as their students do!

Bring Imagineerz to your school

To request the Imagineerz program at your school or to receive free sample instructional videos, please reach out to our Founder Vaibhavi at or by phone at 650-318-5002.