An fun elementary school program


STEAM meets Mindset

Our Goal

is to help all children develop a Growth Mindset through design/maker challenges in elementary school

Standards Alignment

100% of K-5 Engineering Design (NGSS) 


100% of K-4 Geometry (Common Core Math) 


75% of K-2 Physical Science (NGSS)


55% of K-2 Math (Common Core Math) 

Our Methodology

1) We provide children with a Makerspace and STEAM challenges

2) We teach children the Stanford Design Thinking process to develop creative solutions

3) We help children use Growth Mindset tools to persevere through obstacles.

Bring Imagineerz to your school

To request the Imagineerz program at your school or to receive free sample instructional videos, please reach out to our Founder Vaibhavi at or by phone at 650-318-5002.