Superhero Metropolis 

STEM challenges for Grades 1-3



Special Introductory Pricing!

$45/year for 5 challenges (per household)


Regular price: $75/year for 5 challenges

Using the Stanford Design Thinking process, children will tackle Architecture inspired Makerspace challenges.

They will create blueprints and structures that can handle even a Wonder Woman-thrown trolley car as they build a metropolis for the superheroes using these STEM concepts:

  • Balance: Symmetry and Structure
  • Strength: Triangles and Trusses
  • Height: Strong Foundations


Mindset concepts:Working in a fun space full of possibilities, children will be taught to embrace failure as a step towards success, and to overcome the roadblocks in their way with creativity, confidence and resilience! Or as we say at Imagineerz:

i-imagine, i-Can!, i-do

Each challenge should take your child about 1.5 hrs to complete.

All you need to do is provide the materials and start the video.

To ensure that your child stays engaged, please provide an adequate supply of materials that your child can work independently with.

Materials (per challenge)


  1. Tape
  2. Safety Scissors 

Essential Builders:

  1. Colored Paper 
  2. Craft Sticks
  3. Cereal Boxes

Optional Builders:

  1. Aluminium Foil
  2. Paper Towel Rolls
  3. Dixie cups
  4. Bendy straws

Challenges 1-5: (click the play button to purchase all 5 challenges)

Challenges 6-10:

Coming soon (December 2020)!