Module for Grades K-3: Superhero Metropolis 


At the end of this module, children will be able to:

  • Internalize a Growth mindset by:
    1. Designing creative solutions to a given challenge using the Stanford Design Thinking process
    2. Viewing failures/obstacles as learning opportunities and using the i-Can! Problem solving methodology to overcome obstacles in their way 
    3. Experiencing how problems can be solved through hard work and good strategies


  • Incorporate the following STEAM Concept(s)s in their creations:
    1. Structural Symmetry and Balance
    2. Truss Structures and Strength
    3. Strong Foundations and Height
    4. Designing for Hazards and Critical Failure

Superhero Metropolis Part One (Lessons 1-5)

Superhero Metropolis Part Two (Lessons 6-10)

Coming soon!