Superhero Metropolis 

Video Lessons for Grades 1-3

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$95 for 5 lessons (for 1 classroom for the academic year)

Regular pricing: $145 for 5 lessons


At the end of this module, children will be able to:

  • Internalize a Growth mindset by:
    1. Designing creative solutions to a challenge using the Stanford Design Thinking process
    2. Viewing failures as learning opportunities and experiencing how problems can be solved using the i-Can! methodology
  • Incorporate the following STEAM Concept(s)s in their creations:
    1. Symmetry
    2. Trusses
    3. Strong Foundations
    4. Designing for Hazards and Critical Failure


Please use this page to purchase access only for your classroom(s). If you are looking to purchase access for multiple teachers, please contact us at info@imagineerz-learning or 650 308 9592.


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Lessons 1-5: (Includes Training)

Lessons 6-10:

Coming soon (December 2020)!

Pacing Guide

If 75 minutes for the lesson does not fit your teaching schedule or if you are running the lesson online, here’s a pacing guide with suggestion on how to break the lesson into smaller segments.