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Hands-on Building Challenges (Grades 1-5)

Are you looking for tools to help your child develop creativity, confidence and resilience?

Check out our easy-to-implement science and engineering challenges designed by Stanford graduates...

Superhero Metropolis

(Grades 1-3)

Architecture inspired STEM challenges

Mindset Concept: Engineering a Growth Mindset

Mission to Mars

(Grades 3-5)

Space inspired STEM challenges

Mindset Concept: Brains, Emotions, and Choices

Coming Soon!

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What parents say about our program

“…Imagineerz [fills] in a necessary gap in American education – how to deal with powerful emotions that are generated by conflict and obstacles.”

– Erica Wang


“Our son has repeated the ‘i-Can!‘ call out:

“When you hit a stop-sign, don’t give up or sigh.  Just remember I can that will get you by.  Inhale, calm down, adapt, NOW TRY! ”

whenever he hits a problem and it’s great to see that he’s internalized it.”

– Lana Chan


“The kids get to be creative while they learn how to overcome challenges, communicate and problem solve in a really fun way.”

– LW


“The i-can philosophy is something that still sticks in our household.”

– Falguni Bhuta