Program Benefits

Unique Blend of Mindset with Academics 

We introduce children not only to engineering and design, but also the mental framework that leads to success. At Imagineerz, Growth Mindset meets:


STEAM: Our program is aligned with NGSS science standards and Common Core Math. We cover 100% if the K-5 Engineering Design Standards

Making: We use maker challenges to help children learn Growth Mindset tool.

Design Thinking: We teach children the Stanford Design Thinking process to develop creative solutions to the challenges

SEL: As a part of our Growth Mindset curriculum, we teach emotional regulation and strategies for successful collaboration




Impact on Children 

Here are 3 specific things we hear from teachers who have implemented Imagineerz@School:

  • Through the making and design thinking, children learn to learn to think outside the box.
  • Children who typically succeed in academic environments get to experience failure and learn to rebound.
  • Conversely, children who struggle in traditional academic settings get a confidence boost and an opportunity to shine through the hands-on projects.

According to a report by the Institute for the Future (IFTF), 85% of the jobs in 2030 haven’t been invented yet!! To be prepared, what our children are going to need more than knowledge itself, is the ability to acquire new knowledge, navigate uncertainties, and solve problems. That is what we provide through Imagineerz!

We do Growth Mindset right: 

At Imagineerz, we teach children specific language, strategies and tools to overcome challenges – and when they experience success, that leads to increased confidence and belief in their abilities.

We teach children child-friendly strategies that make the concept of overcoming an obstacle less daunting.

Our consistent use of phrases such as “Stop Sign” and “ImagiGOs” helps kids identify what is pulling them behind and how to overcome it – whether they are struggling with their cardboard creations or their role in the play.


When the instructions are sparse, children will…need to think and get creative. Our environment is carefully designed to allow space for creativity and problem-solving.

We do not give children specific step-by-step instructions. We give them a goal, access to a wide range of materials and tools, and let each camper decide what they want to build and how.

parent lab


“I find myself asking my kid every now and then ‘looks like you are stuck, what is your next baby step?’ and it actually works!”

– an Imagineerz parent.

We conduct workshops for adults on how to raise children with a growth mindset. Parents and teachers of past Imagineerz have loved the strategies, phrases and concepts the kids learn. Because it gives them the language needed to communicate with children about goals, failures, approach and attitude.

Check out our Parent Lab!

  • Our Founder, Vaibhavi, is a local mom from a parent participation PBL school. A computer engineer with a Masters in Education from Stanford, she has a  passion for whole child development since she was in High School


  • Our Director of programs, Megan, is an experienced and exemplary teacher who cares infinitely for every child she teaches. Also a Stanford Graduate, she has a Theatre Major and is fascinated by what motivates people to not just complete a task, but to be fully engaged and passionate about their work.