Referral Rewards

Earn Up to $700 for Referrals

  1. Tell everyone you know about Imagineerz@School or share it on social media (sample blurbs provided below) — and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
  2. We ask every teacher/principal “How did you hear about us?” section on our purchase form
  3. For every new teacher/principal who mentions you when buying a classroom license, we’ll send you a $100 Amazon gift card
  4. For every new teacher/principal who mentions you when buying a school license, we’ll send you a $700 Amazon gift card

Whatever you want! We recommend you speak to your own experience as much as possible. But if you want ideas to help get you started, how about one of these blurbs that are all concise enough to tweet?

    • Check out Imagineerz@School — this unique program integrates STEM and social-emotional learning! The ready-to-use video lessons for elementary classrooms are aligned to NGSS, require minimal prep, and can be taught in person or online.
    • Looking for NGSS-aligned STEM resources? Imagineerz@School has ready-to-use video lessons for grades 1-5 that provide hands-on STEM challenges that are not only fun and engaging but support SEL.
    • Want to teach more science and engineering but can’t find the time? Imagineerz@School has ready-to-use, hands-on STEM modules that require minimal prep and no prior STEM teaching experience! Many elementary teachers are already using its NGSS-aligned video lessons with great success.
  • Referral rewards are only applicable for new school or classroom license purchases.
  • You can receive the school license reward for referring your own school.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals. You’ll get a reward for every new classroom/school that purchases a license through your referral.

Imagineerz Learning has been a passion project that has grown organically for more than ten years. With the completion of our first four modules: Superhero Metropolis, Mission to Mars, Time Travel Adventure, and Machines Unite!, we have an opportunity to share our integrated STEM and SEL experiences throughout and beyond the Bay Area. We want to continue to build our community in an authentic way and would love your help in spreading the word.