Club Imagineerz
Modules Overview

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

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Our heroes need help building a city ready to withstand their incredible strength and super powers. Your child will come to their rescue, using the design thinking process as they learn architectural principles.
Children will tackle animal-inspired Makerspace challenges with the design thinking process. As they study and build their favorite animals from the air, land, and sea, they will unlock the secrets of movement in nature. They will ultimately design and create their own never-before-seen creatures!

3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Using the design thinking process, your child will tackle challenges inspired by space exploration. From building orbital vehicles to designing astronaut suits, our future space explorers will enjoy bringing that tiny orange dot a little bit closer.
The past is under attack by the notorious trolls. Join Special Agent L as he travels to the past and meets some of history’s most important innovators! Your child will learn about simple machines and use the design thinking process to tackle amusement park challenges.
Rube Goldberg Machines integrate science and engineering with fun. Your child will collaborate in teams to design their own RGM. Along the way, they’ll learn about how different simple machines work together, including wheels and axles, inclined planes, pulleys, and gears.