Club Imagineerz

Energize Your Summer and Afterschool Programs with

STEM Design Challenges

Club Imagineerz

Grades:  K-5

Content:  STEM Design Challenges

Curriculum:  Six modules, each containing ten 1.5-hour lessons

Format:  Ready-to-use video lessons that can be run by teachers or parents

Outcome: Students learn to embrace failure and overcome challenges with creativity, confidence, and collaboration or as we say at Imagineerz…

i-Imagine!, i-Can!, i-Do!

Hands-On & Engaging

Boy Examining Scales

Students practice collaboration, problem solving, and resilience while having fun!

Easy to Implement

Play Video Screen

Teachers or parents can facilitate the program without prior STEM knowledge!

5 Minute Set Up

Final M1-4 Materials

No materials kits to assemble -- Just lay out our standard set of materials and play the videos!

Club Imagineez Modules

Club Imagineerz Module Table with STEM and SEL Focuses

Running a Lesson

Lesson View Slide
Final M1-4 Materials
Final M5 Materials