Module 4
Time Travel Adventure

SEL Focus: Resilience
STEM Focus: Simple Machines

SEL Objectives

Apply their knowledge of the neuroplasticity to foster new healthy habits by utilizing these social-emotional strategies:

  1. Brain Anatomy & Physiology to understand the roles and interactions between neurons in the human brain
  2. Whoops!, How?, and Yet!  to overcome obstacles
  3. Take Positive Action to form new synaptic pathways and foster new healthy habits

STEM Objectives

Learn from inventors throughout history to incorporate these physics concepts into their creations:

  1. Levers & Pulleys to redirect force and move heavy objects
  2. Inclined Planes to harness the power of gravity
  3. Wheels & Axles to create smooth motion
Module 4
M4 Scope & Sequence

Materials Needed

M4 Materials

8 Builders

20-30 pieces of Each Per Student for All 10 Lessons

  • Construction Paper
  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Cut-Up Cereal Boxes or Thick Cardstock (5×7)
  • 3 oz. Dixie Cups
  • Bendy Straws
  • Twine
  • Paper Towel Rolls (Optional)

2 Tools

1 Per 2-3 Students for All 10 Lessons

  • .94 in. Masking Tape
  • Scissors


1 Per Student

  • Ping Pong Balls

Ordering Materials

Click here to order materials on Amazon

  • The quantities on the Amazon list reflect what you will need for one classroom of 20-24 students. Please adjust quantities if ordering for more or fewer students.
  • Remember to ask classroom parents for donations of cereal boxes and paper towel rolls. All other materials can be ordered from the list above.

Best Practices

  • You do not need to give each student their own set of materials. Just lay out all the materials and let them select what they would like to use — the video will tell them how many they can use.
  • Spread materials throughout the classroom to avoid crowding.
  • In addition to cereal boxes and paper towel rolls, you can ask classroom parents for other recycled materials, like egg cartons, but we suggest you avoid the following:
    • Styrofoam — Classroom forecast: Snow showers!
    • Cardboard — You’ll spend all your time helping cut cardboard, rather than i-Can! coaching!
  • Request that classroom parents cut recycled cereal boxes in half, both lengthwise and crosswise.

Quick and Easy!

  1. Lay Out Our Standard Set of Materials:
    • Students use the same communal materials across all 10 lessons, so you never need to assemble individual material kits!
    • Simply lay out our standard set of materials before each lesson and replenish individual materials as needed.
  2. Set Up Testing Stations (If Needed):
    • A few lessons require additional set up, such as creating a square with blue tape to use as a target area.
    • We include all special instructions in the Set Up and Tips for each module.


Print this document and keep it handy to take a quick look before each lesson.

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