K-5 SEL Program

SEL in Action
Through Hands-on STEM Challenges

Program Introduction

Sample Lesson

STEM and SEL in One!: 10 video-based design challenges per grade for grades K-5 that teach both STEM concepts and social-emotional skills to help students learn to solve problems with creativity, collaboration, and resilience.

Hands-On Project-Based Learning: What’s unique about our program is that it is SEL in action, not just “sit and get” learning.

Our STEM design challenges provide students with an opportunity to build innovative solutions collaboratively. They don’t just hear about the importance of SEL, they practice it in real time!

Minimal Prep: One 30-minute training video prepares teachers to implement all 10 lessons for their grade (750 minutes of STEM and SEL instruction).

Set-up takes no more than five minutes per lesson — no material kits to assemble!

Standards-Aligned and Flexible: Modules span all Engineering Design standards outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards for grades 1-5.

Each lesson spans 75 minutes. With breaks built in, lessons can be taught all-at-once or in 15-minute blocks that accommodate in-person, online, and hybrid instruction.


Imagineerz@School Table

Teacher Testimonials

“It’s a great way to make science and engineering practices fun for kids.”

— Megan Heffernan, 5th Grade Teacher


“The skills Imagineerz focuses on are the ones I want to see most in my students — problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration.”

— Carol Braunstein, 1st Grade Teacher