Does passive SEL
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Imagineerz is the leader in

Project Based SEL

We go beyond “sit and get” learning.
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Hands-On & Engaging

We provide 10 hands-on design challenges per grade that deeply engage students, while giving them authentic opportunities to apply the social-emotional skills. 


Modules cover all of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Core Competencies. 

As students collaborate to build innovative solutions to the design challenges, they practice self-management, responsible decision making, and relationship skills in real time.


SEL instruction is embedded in video lessons, so teachers don’t need SEL experience or training to run our program. 

Set-up takes no more than five minutes per lesson — with no material kits to assemble!

Imagineez@School Modules

Imagineerz@School Modules Table


“The skills Imagineerz focuses on are the ones I want to see most in my students — problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration.”

— Carol Braunstein, 1st Grade Teacher


“The students really took to heart ideas, like growth mindset, and it was so cool to see students incorporating language from Imagineerz. They began to feel comfortable saying, “I don’t get this yet,” newly confident that in time and with practice they will. That’s powerful.”

— Nick Prychodko, Principal