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STEM and Growth Mindset In One: 10 video lessons for grades 1-5 that teach STEM concepts and problem solving with creativity, confidence, and resilience.

NGSS Aligned: Together, the 10 lessons cover 100% of the 1-5 Engineering Design NGSS standards. Children use Stanford Design Thinking to approach the STEM challenges presented in the videos. 

Minimal Prep Time: One 45-minute training video prepares teachers to implement all ten lessons (750 minutes of STEM instruction). Set-up only takes five minutes per lesson — no material kits to assemble!

Project-Based Learning: Each lesson consists of an opening video, hands-on building time, and a closing video. The three parts take 75 minutes total and can be run back-to-back or as standalone 15-minute blocks to adapt to in-person, online, or hybrid instruction.


Superhero Metropolis

Grades 1-2


STEM: Architecture

MINDSET: Engineering a Growth Mindset


Mission to Mars

Grades 3-5


STEM: Space Exploration

MINDSET: Neuroscience and Growth Mindset


Teacher Testimonials

“It’s really wonderful having experts behind the program helping teachers like me do their jobs in a way that makes engineering practices and science fun for kids.”

— Megan Heffernan

Teacher, 5th Grade

“The skills Imagineerz develops are very much what we as teachers would love to foster all day long in our kids — problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration.”

— Carol Braunstein

Teacher, 1st Grade