Imagineerz Learning
The i-Can! Mindset

We teach children that no matter what the situation,
the right attitude will help them go a long way!

The Imagineerz Philosophy Diagram

The Imagineerz Mindset

A positive, zestful approach to life:

i-Imagine! – Dream Big
i-Can! – Believe You Can
i-Do! – Work Hard and Persist

If you hear your child starting to talk about goals and thinking “How can I?” instead of “Can I?” you know that’s the Imagineerz mindset in action.

The Imagineerz Toolbox

On the way to achieving goals, there are always obstacles. Our toolbox provides children with strategies to overcome them. We don’t simply say “try harder” or “be persistent,” we know that’s easier said than done. We show campers how by teaching them a variety of problem-solving strategies. We offer two paths for children.


The i-Can! Path for Internal Obstacles

“It’s too hard. But I will focus on just the next baby step.”


The i-Can! Path Social Obstacles

“I don’t agree with her. But I am going to listen to her perspective first”.