Imagineerz Learning
COVID-19 FAQ & Refund Policy

Currently, we are planning to run in-person camps in June (Palo Alto) and July (Los Altos).


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We want to do all we can to support Imagineerz families through this period of uncertainty. We have a flexible refund policy — we will refund 100% of camp fees through May 15.


And as usual, any changes to camp dates is FREE.

We really hope to run in-person camp as planned. However, if we are unable to do so because of state or local guidelines, then Imagineerz will provide you with a choice of:

  • 100% credit of camp tuition fee OR
  • 100% refund of camp tuition fee

When we polled parents, they spoke loud and clear that they really wanted in-person camps for their kids this summer. So, we are investing a lot of time and resources towards making that happen. Once camp begins, in the unfortunate event that camp has to close down partly or fully for any reason related to COVID-19, we will not be able to provide refunds. We will provide you with these options:

  • 100% pro-rated credit of camp fees towards online camps in August OR
  • 75% pro-rated credit of camp fees towards next summer

Safety, health, and wellness are always a top priority at Camp Imagineerz. That is one of the main reasons we keep our numbers small — we do not have hundreds of campers like some other camps, so we can provide each camper with the attention they need. This year, we will enroll half the number of campers we usually do in each classroom for increased safety.


We are closely monitoring guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Camp Association (ACA) and will proactively communicate with local health departments for advice. We will always:

  • Enforce strict social-distancing protocols, screenings, hand washing, and “stay-at-home if sick” policies for all campers and staff
  • Provide training for our staff on all the health and wellness procedures


For details, visit our COVID-19 Safety Page

Besides planning for camp, we have two other initiatives we are working on:

Imagineerz@Home: We are creating video content for parents and guardians to use with their children at home to allow kids to continue developing their i-Can! mindsets all year long, while pursuing creative and fun activities! More information about this coming soon! Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

Imagineerz@School: We are working on developing a video-based “plug and play” curriculum that schools can use to bring STEM and social-emotional learning to their classrooms. We have several schools already implementing this program, including Imai Elementary in Mountain View, St. Nicholas Catholic School in Los Altos Hills, and Chico Country Day School.  See details here.

Questions you can ask your child to come up with projects together:

  • What are some projects you have been wanting to do that we can work on now?
  • What are some foods you enjoy eating that we can cook together?
  • What are some games you play with your friends that you can teach me?

Ideas for activities to do at home inspired by what we do at Camp Imagineerz:

  • Convert your favorite books into plays — take on acting roles and put on a show for family members
  • Build forts with blankets and large cardboard boxes
  • Work on a design challenge, using simple materials available at home, such as cereal boxes, straws, aluminium foil, paper bowls, etc.
    • Build an animal that can stand on its own
    • Build a hat or space helmet that fits your head
    • Build a machine that can move ping pong balls from one spot to another

Ways you can come up with your own design challenges:

Brainstorm a list of nouns and a list of actions and combine them in different ways using this sentence frame:

Build a(n) ___________ that can _________

 Example List of Nouns:           

    • Animal
    • Person
    • Structure
    • Statue
    • Machine
    • Object

Example List of Actions:

    • Stand on its own
    • Make someone smile
    • Move something from one spot to another
    • Balance on top of a hill
    • You can play with 
    • Make noise

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 650-308-9592.