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At Imagineerz...'ll get eaten by zombies.

Or not! Who knows. It's a risk I'm sure you're willing to take. Odds are, mmm, fifty-fifty?

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Counselors celebrate the i-Can! spirit of our campers as they make, play, and perform.

You're probably a good match if you love making up stories, play acting, and making things with your hands. Oh, and playing with children. You should probably like that, too.

Senior Leaders in Training are interns who learn about leadership, i-Can! child management, growth mindset, and Stanford design thinking.

As a Senior LIT, you'll be playing with campers as well as helping them with their projects and costumes. You'll also jump in to help your counselors with child management or sometimes even leading the group! Look at you go!

Leadership Team operates behind the scenes, like a secret shadow organization bent on making camp one of those memorable places people recall with a smile.


Our Operations Manager organizes epic fun with our amazing interns by your side. Make extended care a happenin' place to be!