Imagineerz Learning

Leadership Experiences for Young Adults and Teens

Program Introduction

At Imagineerz… you’ll be eaten by zombies.


Or maybe not. Who knows?

We’re sure it’s a risk you’re willing to take!

Roles at Imagineerz

Camp Director in Silly Hat

Camp Directors

You’ll have to be fluent in riddles and group games and know a bit about entertaining hordes of children!

Counselor Dressed as Viking

Operations Manager

You’ll organize epic fun with our amazing interns by your side and make extended care a happenin’ place to be!

Counselors and Campers Having Fun


You’re probably a good match if you love making up stories, play acting, and making things with your hands. Oh, and playing with children. You should probably like that, too.

LIT Wearing Sunglasses

Senior LITs

You’ll play with campers and help with their projects and costumes. You’ll also sometimes jump in to help counselors with child management and lead the group!