How do your kids react to challenges?

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We teach children to face challenges with creativity, confidence, and resilience or as we say at Imagineerz...

i-Imagine! i-Can! i-Do!

Our Programs

Imagineerz School Girl


Video Lessons for Grades K-5

Imagineerz Home Boy


Hands-On STEM Challenges

Camp Imagineerz Boy

Camp Imagineerz

Makerspace, Theater, Outdoor Fun

All Programs Incorporate STEM, Growth Mindset, and Stanford Design Thinking

Parent & Teacher Testimonials

“…Imagineerz addresses a gap in American education — how to deal with the powerful emotions generated by conflict and obstacles.”

— Erica Wang



“Whenever he hits a problem, our son repeats the ‘i-Can!‘ call out:

When you hit a Stop sign, don’t give up or sigh. Just remember i-Can!, and that will get you by!  Inhale, Calm Down, Adapt, Now Try!

It’s great to see that he’s internalized it!”

— Lana Chan


“It’s really wonderful having experts behind the program helping teachers like me do their jobs in a way that makes engineering practices and science fun for kids.”

— Megan Heffernan

Teacher, 5th Grade


“The skills Imagineerz develops are very much what we as teachers would love to foster all day long in our kids — problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration.”

— Carol Braunstein 

Teacher, 1st Grade