How do kids react to challenges?

We Teach Children to Face Challenges with Creativity, Confidence, and Resilience

Or As We Say at Imagineerz...

i-Imagine! i-Can! i-Do!

Our Programs


(Video Lessons for Grades K-5)

Imagineerz School Girl

Camp Imagineerz

(Makerspace, Theatre, Outdoor Fun)

Camp Imagineerz Boy


(Hands-on STEM Challenges)

Imagineerz Home Boy

All Programs Incorporate STEM, Growth Mindset, and Stanford Design Thinking

Parent & Teacher Testimonials

“…Imagineerz [fills] in a necessary gap in American education — how to deal with the powerful emotions generated by conflict and obstacles.”

– Erica Wang



“Whenever he hits a problem, our son repeats the ‘i-Can!‘ call out:

When you hit a Stop sign, don’t give up or sigh. Just remember i-Can, and that will get you by!  Inhale, Calm Down, Adapt, Now Try!

It’s great to see that he’s internalized it!”

– Lana Chan


“It’s really wonderful having experts behind the program helping teachers like me do their jobs in a way that makes engineering practices and science fun for kids.”

Megan Heffernan

Teacher, 5th Grade


“The skills Imagineerz develops are very much what we as teachers would love to foster all day long in our kids — problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration.”

– Carol Braunstein 

Teacher, 1st Grade