How do your kids respond to challenges?

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We teach children to face challenges with creativity, confidence, and resilience or as we say at Imagineerz...

i-imagine, i-can, i-do

Our Programs

STEM + Social-Emotional Learning

Parent & Teacher Testimonials

“Imagineerz addresses a need in American education today — how to deal with the powerful emotions that come with everyday obstacles.”

— Erica Wang, Parent


“Whenever he hits a problem, our son repeats the i-can call out:

When you hit a STOP Sign, don’t give up or sigh. Just remember i-can, and that’ll get you by! Inhale, Calm Down, Adapt, Now Try!

It’s amazing to see how he’s internalized these steps!”

— Lana Chan, Parent

“It’s a great way to make science and engineering practices fun for kids.”

— Megan Heffernan, 5th Grade Teacher


“The skills Imagineerz focuses on are the ones I want to see most in my students — problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration.”

— Carol Braunstein, 1st Grade Teacher

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