Escape from the Candy Kingdom

The performing: The Candy King has been captured! How will the i-can team scale marshmallow walls and ice cream lakes in their quest to bring the King home? You’ll find out during the Friday performance complete with acting, sets, costumes, and dance – all camper made!

The making: What would you want in your Candy Castle? What would you do to protect the Candy King from a candy avalanche? Join us in our Maker Space this week to design your answers! You’ll collaborate to build a giant castle fit for a King, and try your own hand at engineering a sturdy structure that is avalanche-proof.

The playing: You’ve heard of Sharks and Minnows, but what about Kids and Candy? Got a sweet tooth? Hop accross our hot chocolate river on giant marshmallows! However, if you’re made of sugar, perhaps you don’t want to take part in our water balloon fight on Wednesday!