A Rumble in the Jungle

The performing: Join the team of good as they battle to save the forest and learn valuable lessons on the way. Or maybe you’d prefer to play on the villains’ team and thwart The i-Can! Team’s efforts to unite the forest! Either way, it’ll be a performance and a battle for the ages!

The making: Want to build a life-sized cardboard tree house where The i-Can! Team hideout to plan their strategy? How about a three dimensional animal that can distract the forest’s invaders? Join us and compete to see how many evil creatures you can knock over by hurling projectiles at them!

The playing: What do a hot chocolate river and a water balloon fight have in common? Join us this week to find out! Your counselors are waiting to challenge you all week!  How many flags can you capture? How many people can you tag playing Toilet Tag? Will you be able to earn enough buckets of water to drench all the counselors on Friday?