Superhero Metropolis
Grades 1-2

STEM Focus: Architecture

Social-Emotional Learning: Growth Mindset and Resilience

Module Introduction

Our heroes need help building a city that ready to withstand their incredible strength and super powers. Your child will come to their rescue by using the design thinking process to tackle five challenges, and learn these principles of architecture:

  • Balance: Symmetry and Structure
  • Strength: Triangles and Trusses
  • Height: Strong Foundations

Working in a fun and imaginative space, your child will learn to embrace failure as a step towards success and overcome obstacles in their way with creativity, confidence and resilience! Or as we say at Imagineerz:

i-Imagine! i-Can! i-Do!

Boy in Cardboard Sitting Down (Landscape)

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Each challenge is designed to be completed in 90 minutes with materials below