Module 5
Machines Unite!

SEL Focus: Collaboration
STEM Focus: Advanced Machines

SEL Objectives

Apply their knowledge of the collaboration to work successfully in teams by utilizing these social-emotional strategies:

  1. Perspective  to try to understand someone else’s point of view
  2. i-Power  to first ask “What can I do to solve the problem?”
  3. Break the Circle  to deescalate tensions by responding in a calm, positive way
  4. All-Win  to identify a solution that works for everyone

STEM Objectives

Incorporate these advanced physics concepts into their creations, such as:

  1. Friction & Traction to improve wheel efficiency
  2. Pulley Systems to redirect and magnify force
  3. Gears to transfer rotational energy
  4. Systems Interactions to create a Rube Goldberg machine
Module 5
M5 Scope & Sequence

Materials Needed

M5 Materials

8 Builders

20-30 pieces of Each Per Student for All 10 Lessons

  • Single-Wall Cardboard
  • 10 in. Skewers
  • Bobbins
  • Cut-Up Cereal Boxes or Thick Cardstock (5×7)
  • 3 oz. Dixie Cups
  • Bendy Straws
  • Twine
  • Paper Towel Rolls (Optional)

2 Tools

1 Per 2-3 Students for All 10 Lessons

  • .94 in. Masking Tape
  • 8 1/2 in. Scissors


1 per student

  • Marbles

Ordering Materials

Click here to order materials on Amazon

  • The quantities on the Amazon list reflect what you will need for one classroom of 20-24 students. Please adjust quantities if ordering for more or fewer students.
  • Remember to ask classroom parents for donations of cardboard, cereal boxes, and paper towel rolls. All other materials can be ordered from the list above.

Best Practices

  • You do not need to give each student their own set of materials. Just lay out all the materials and let them select what they would like to use — the video will tell them how many they can use.
  • Spread materials throughout the classroom to avoid crowding.
  • In addition to cereal boxes and paper towel rolls, you can ask classroom parents for other recycled materials, like egg cartons, but we suggest you avoid the following:
    • Styrofoam — Classroom forecast: Snow showers!
    • Cardboard — You’ll spend all your time helping cut cardboard, rather than i-Can! coaching!
  • Request that classroom parents cut recycled cereal boxes in half, both lengthwise and crosswise.

Quick and Easy!

  1. Lay Out Our Standard Set of Materials:
    • Students use the same communal materials across all 10 lessons, so you never need to assemble individual material kits!
    • Simply lay out our standard set of materials before each lesson and replenish individual materials as needed.
  2. Set Up Testing Stations (If Needed):
    • A few lessons require additional set up, such as creating a square with blue tape to use as a target area.
    • We include all special instructions in the Set Up and Tips for each module.


Print this document and keep it handy to take a quick look before each lesson.

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