Founder’s Note


It was 1989. My test scores were just short — I didn’t get into my desired college program. There was a long waitlist and chances of getting in were slim. Disappointment set in, but so did determination! I reached out to the program director and conveyed to her how earnestly I wanted in. I brainstormed possible ways of making it happen, presented creative solutions and followed up with her consistently, until the day she accepted me. I will always remember what she told me then — your persistence is what got you in.

Imagineerz Learning is the start of dreams coming true — a dream to design powerful educational programs for children, a dream that has fueled both my work and my academic pursuits. While earning my Masters in Education from Stanford, I worked as a research assistant with the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning. I was involved with corporate learning strategy and curriculum

design at Saba Software for 11 years. In 2010, I conceived of an innovative after-school program PACT PALS for my son’s school and led the team that implemented it. With more than 200 students registered, the program has run successfully for more than a decade.

Camp Imagineerz is a summer camp where i-Can! is not just a mantra, but a way of living. We believe that there is no substitute for hard work, failure is a stepping stone towards success, and you can achieve whatever you believe you can.

Previous summers have been wonderful experiences at Camp Imagineerz – it was amazing to see how creative the children got with their stories and performances and how well they took to the i-Can! culture at camp. Our makerspace challenges are designed to be challenging, and there were many days when children had no idea how to even get started. It was immensely rewarding to be able to help every child think through what they could do, encourage them as they tried it, and hear them say, “Yes! I did it!” at the end. The words of one of our six-year-old campers captures the spirit at camp very well — “I know I can do it because i-Imagine! i-Can! i-Do!

As a mother of two, it never ceases to amaze me how children think and learn — and what wonders can be achieved in the right environment. My most rewarding learning has come from bringing up my two children and my hope and vision is that Camp Imagineerz will grow with them. I am fortunate to have worked with many wonderful people along the way. Camp Imagineerz has required the dedicated effort and creativity of a diverse team experienced in a variety of learning environments.

We believe in passion and excellence, and you will see that reflected in every aspect of our camp. Come join us!

Vaibhavi Gala
Imagineerz Learning