Imagineerz Afterschool Club

Want your child to connect and have fun with other kids?

Experience the magic of Imagineerz Online where

Play meets Mindset

Our Goal

is to help children develop a Growth Mindset as they engage in fun, hands-on Makerspace challenges while connecting with other kids


Mission to Mars

GK-5 Mission to Mars

STEAM: Using the Stanford Design Thinking process, children tackle Architecture inspired Makerspace challenges. They will create blueprints and structures that can handle even a Wonder Woman-thrown trolley car!

  • Towers (Balance) 
  • Bridges (Trusses) 
  • Skyscrapers (Strong Foundations)  

meets Mindset: Working in a fun space full os possibilities, children will be encouraged to embrace failure as a step towards success and overcome the roadblocks in their way with creativity, confidence and perseverance! 


Theme: Meets weekly on: Start Date End Date # of Meetings LocationHours
Mission to Mars Wednesdays 9/2/2011/4/2010 Online3:30pm- 4:45pm Pacific Time

Engaging hands-on activities

Children do lots of active and fun building!!

You’ll see them jumping, giggling, squealing, and excited all day for afterschool club!!

Close Connections with kids and counselors

Staff to child ratio is no more than 1:8,

so they can connect with staff as well as other kids their age.

Spirited & Enthusiastic Counselors

Our online staff will bring the same Imagineerz energy, spirit and enthusiasm….

….that you are used to with regular camp!

Minimal Parent Help

You can focus on work as your help will not be needed during afterschool club

(as long as children have the motor skills to work with the materials (e.g. cereal boxes, tape, scissors, etc.))


Regular price: $265

(10 sessions of 1 hr 15 minutes each)


  • Sibling discount = $25 off tuition

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