Camp FAQ

What is Camp Imagineerz?

Camp Imagineerz is a unique bay area camp where STEM meets Mindset. Our goal is help children become positive and confident makers.

What will my child learn at camp?

Put simply, we help children learn that our own attitudes and reactions have the power to change the outcome. We explore this concept in various ways — stories, games, activities, and hands-on design projects.

We show children how to identify obstacles, give them techniques to problem-solve and ignite the spark that makes them go ‘aha, i think i can  do this’. And to top it off, our campers have a summer filled with outstanding fun and epic adventures.

For whom is Camp Imagineerz best suited?

We have different types of programs for various grades as follows:

Camp experiences:

Leadership experiences:

Do you offer extended care?

Yes! AM extended care: 8.30am-9.00am; PM extended care: 3pm-6pm.

What is your typical staff to camper ratio?

Our staff to camper ratio runs no more than 1:10, and depending on the activity is often less than 8.

I would like my child to be in the same group as her friend(s). How do I request that?

In the spirit of empowering children, we let campers choose their own groups on the 1st day of camp. Simply ensure your camper is there on time on Monday morning when groups are formed (Hey, now that gives them a good reason to finish breakfast on time. If they arrive after groups are formed, they might not get the groups they want!)

Unless there is a specific reason not to, we let the children stay in the groups they selected.

How many weeks should we sign up for?

We have three exciting themes this year – our recommendation is to sign up for all themes if possible. We have seen that three weeks gives us time to teach, reinforce and truly demonstrate the value of the the ‘i-can’ mindset to campers. If three weeks is not an option, one or two weeks provide a great foundation too!

Note: Building a mindset is like learning a language or a sport. It takes repetition and regular practice. Hence, the more weeks/summers your child comes to Imagineerz, the more powerful the impact will be. Enrolling in more weeks also allows for campers to form closer bonds.

What does my child need to bring?

A plan for an epic time, a happy smile and lots of energy. (also a water bottle, sunscreen, and a change of clothes because sometimes our ‘fun’ can get messy).

Is lunch provided?

No. Please send a lunch and snack with all campers.

For campers staying for Extended Care, please be sure to send an extra afternoon snack.

What do I need to know for the first day of camp?

Visit our First Day of Camp FAQ page to get all the details you need to know about your child’s first day and other camp logistics.