Janice Headshot

Janice Toben works with public and private schools across the country to promote positive school climate. She directed the Nueva School’s Social and Emotional Learning Program for twenty-seven years. On the strength of the SEL program, Nueva was recognized by the Templeton Foundation as a National School of Character and has become a Blue Ribbon School three times.

Janice facilitates professional development seminars, parent education programs and teaching institutes such as InstituteforSEL.net. She conducted educational seminars at Wheelock and Columbia Teacher’s College; designed over twenty programs with the Center for Advancement and Renewal of Educators, providing an innovative program for emotional and intellectual renewal for educators in the San Francisco School District; and presents at conferences such as NAIS and CAG. Janice appears in the video Emotional Intelligence: A New Vision for Educators (based on Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence [Bantam, 1995]) and is the author of many lessons for the early and mid-elementary grades. Janice has two grown sons.