Imagineerz@School Teaching Tip: Hot Tips for Hot Glue

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There are three simple materials you can add to your stock that are sure to boost creativity in your classroom.

  1. Rubber bands
  2. Binder clips
  3. Hot glue guns

Hot glue, in particular, allows for more complex and sturdy creations. It’s a great alternative to tape, but comes with some unique challenges. We hope you’ll keep these ideas in mind when sharing it with your students.

Safety First

  • Use low-temperature glue guns.
  • Remind students they shouldn’t touch the tip or the glue.


  • Spread hot glue stations around the classroom.
    • Have 1-2 glue guns per station.
    • Use something to protect surfaces (e.g. cereal boxes or newspapers).
  • “Dot, dot — not a lot! Use it while it’s hot!”
    • Students should not use too much hot glue.
    • Students should use it quickly before it dries.
  • Have a 2-minute time limit per student per use.