STEM Challenge: Brainiac’s Secret Hideout

Brainiac’s Secret Hideout

Hook, Challenge, and Constraints


The Amazing Brainiac is the world’s smartest superhero who can predict crime before it happens. She has been getting picked on by an evil supergenius, Egghead, who just built himself a cool, secret lair that’s really tall and fancy. Now he’s making fun of Brainiac’s old, dusty hideout that sits on the tippy top of a mountain.

Challenge and Constraint

The League of Heroes has requested our help designing a fantastically-fancy, tremendously-tall, secret hideout that balances it on top of a mountain.


You may also provide these optional materials: cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, Dixie cups, and aluminum foil.


  • Materials: Students can use no more than five of any one material per creation! For example, a student can use five straws and five pieces of paper, but not ten straws. If you provide aluminum foil, no more than one arm’s length piece for each student!
  • Groups: Students can work with a partner or on their own. No groups of three!
  • Time to Build: 45 minutes