STEM Challenge: You’re on a Mission!

You're on a Mission!

Challenge and Constraints

Our first mission comes from Madame Amazonia. She’s a superhero that speaks with animals and teams up with them to save the environment. She needs us to make some animal sidekicks for her. She has requested that we only make animals that have legs that can stand on their own, so no snakes, snails, or baby sharks!


You may also provide these optional materials: cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, Dixie cups, and aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is an especially useful material for this challenge.


  • Materials: Students can use no more than five of any one material per creation! For example, a student can use five straws and five pieces of paper, but not ten straws. If you provide aluminum foil, no more than one arm’s length piece for each student!
  • Groups: Students can work with a partner or on their own. No groups of three!
  • Time to Build: 45 minutes