Story Lab

The i-can club (I dora, C aleb, A uro and N ano) has found the secret forest. However, there is a river and the gold coins they are looking for are on the other side. Nano attempts to draw a bridge with his magic crayons. But it keeps falling apart! What can Nano and the rest of the i-can club do to create the bridge successfully?

In our Story Lab, campers get to come up with ideas about how the story may proceed. As they brainstorm solutions, children learn how changing the way you react to a situation can make all the difference. As they cheer the i-can club on, they start looking at failures as steps towards success. That’s not where the fun ends! Campers work as a team to transform the story into a play including costumes, sets, dialogue, and maybe even a dance number! As they practice their performance, they internalize the strategies that helped the i-can club move forward towards their goal.